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This Burger King® Restaurant is independently owned and operated by a BURGER KING® franchisee. You are applying for employment with the independent franchisee.

This independent franchisee is an equal opportunity employer. No question on this application is intended to elicit information for unlawful discriminatory purposes.

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Initial hiring and continued employment may be dependent upon proof that you are not an "unauthorized alien" as defined in the immigration reform and control act of 1986. All applicants will be required to furnish proof of identity and legal work authorization.

What is Your Education?

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What is Your Work Experience?

List Your Three Most Recent Jobs Within the Last Five Years:
May Include Work Performed on a Volunteer Basis

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What Else Should We Know?

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This Burger King® Restaurant Operates with Multiple Shifts, 7-Days Per Week Please Indicate Your Preferred Shifts in the Chart

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Information Regarding Prior Convictions:

Have you ever been convicted, pled guilty or pled "No Contest"(NOLO Contendere) to a felony or misdemeanor other than a traffic violation? You do not have to disclose any convictions which have been sealed, expunged or judicially annulled (including juvenile offenses). (For applicants in Connecticut, refer to paragraph below before answering this inquery. For applicants in Washington, respond only for last ten years. For applicants in Georgia, indicate whether conviction is under the first time offenders statute. For applicants in Hawaii and Massachusetts, do not answer. For applicants in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Utah, do not answer this question with respect to misdemeanor convictions. For applicants in California, do not disclose any convictions for marijuana offenses which occurred more than two years prior to the date of completing this application or any information regarding a referral to and participation in a pre-trial or post-trial diversion program.) A conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment.

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Information for Connecticut Applicants:

Note: You are not required to disclose the existence of any arrest, criminal charge or convictions, the records of which have been erased pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes sections 46B-146, 54-76O or 54-142A. Criminal Records subject to erasure pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes section 46B-146,54-76O or 54-142A are records related to (A) Determinations of "Delinquency" or that, as a child, you were a member of a family with service needs, (B) A ruling you are a "Youthful Offender", (C) A finding you are not guilty for a criminal charge, or (D) A conviction for which you have received an "Absolute Pardon". Any person whose criminal records have been erased pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Sections 46B-146, 54-76O or 54-142A shall be deemed to never have been arrested within the meaning of the general statutes with respect to the proceedings so erased and may so swear under oath.

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Notice To Massachusetts Applicants:

It is unlawful in Massachusetts to require or administer a lie detector test as a condition of employment or continued employment. An Employer who violates this law shall be subject to criminal penalties and civil liability.

Notice to Maryland Applicants

Under Maryland Law, an employer may not require or demand. as a condition of employment, prospective employment, or continued employment, that an individual submit to or take a lie detector test. An employer who violates this law is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not exceeding $100.

Independently owned and operated Burger King® Restaurant

In completing this application, I understand that it is very important that I be completely truthful. I realize that the independent franchisee is relying on my truthfulness. The independent franchisee reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any information that I provide in this application. I agree that if it should be discovered that the information I am providing is false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete in any respect, I will be disqualified for employment consideration or, if I have already been hired, my employment will be terminated immediately.

I understand and agree that should I become employed by the independent franchisee, I will have the right to terminate my employment at any time, for any reason with or without notice. I further understand and agree that the independent franchisee shall have the same right to terminate my employment at any time, for any reason with or without notice. My employment at-will status cannot be modified unless such modifications are set forth in writing, in a document signed by myself and an officer of the independent franchisee. Employee handbooks, benefit plans, manuals, personnel policies and all other communication from the independent franchisee, whether written or oral, are not employment contracts and do not modify my employment at-will status.

I have read and understand the foregoing. I am seeking employment at the independent franchisee under the terms set forth herein. I certify and declare that all the information I have provided is true and correct.

I authorize an investigation of all statements contained in this application. I authorize the references listed on this application to give you any and all information concerning my previous employment and release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing such to the independent franchisee.

This application will be considered current for a period of sixty (60) days following the date of application. If, at the end of this period, I still wish to be considered for employment I will need to complete another application.

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